Celebrating Mumbai…

Tea@ the Taj. 

Evening Tea at the Sea Lounge is a genteel re-creation of the past played out for our benefit every evening from 3:30 onwards. Endless variety of food, including chaat, signature teas and coffee. The gentle clink of cutlery is counter point to the piano playing '…my favourite things'  which very well could include Tea@the Taj.

Have a scone with clotted cream, m’dear and pass me the rasberry preserves…arrey dahi batata puri toh kha lo!

Celebrating Mumbai…


Enough has been written about this restaurant and the eccentric/charming Parsi owners. Yes, they still meander over to take the orders. Yes, they still say things like "Food is like love, sharing, sharing".

Yes, they still try and persuade you to have some more of the "naram, naram, garam garm, soft roti’s".

Must haves: Chicken/Mutton Berry Pulao

                      Boti Salli

                      Caramel Custard

Celebrating Mumbai…

"TRAVEL expands the mind…as much as it does the waist"

Marvellous Mumbai…

Food Truths…

Food Truths…

OLD FASHIONED SODA SHOP: Slice out of time

Where: Rayne’s Reef Luncheonette, BERLIN,MD

What can be so great about an old fashioned soda shop? Just that. That you get old fashioned, honest-to-goodness food and service. The vanilla malted and the chocolate malted were excellent. The four of us split two and we still barely finished them. The Chicken grilled salad was fresh, fresh, fresh and huge. The Cheese steak sandwich was hot and fresh, with soft white bread. The mint chocolate ice-cream was pure indulgence.

Rayne’s Reef luncheonette is unpretentious and simple, with a laid back feel and a relaxed charm.

Unsurprised to learn that Rayne’s Reef Luncheonette and Berlin both featured in Julia Robert’s “Runaway Bride”.

Really picturesque town, and the luncheonette is definitely worth stopping by.

Traveling, eating, exploring….my life is momentous!

Traveling, eating, exploring….my life is momentous!

Jazz it up!

Birdland: feels like you’ve stepped into the 1950’s. Ok, nobody comes here to EAT, but to feed the soul. 

Still and all, spinach dip w tortilla chips, maryland crab cakes, Birdland sliders is what we ate accompanied by wine. Carrot cake for desert, but everything paled in comparison to the fabulous music and atmosphere and the wafting notes of Ravi Coltrane’s sax.

Shake Shack does it!

Ok, we concede. Shake Shack tastes fabulous. Outstanding burgers, but guess what? The best was the Shroom burger…but a gazillion calories, alas!

But, hey, thats life, right?

All food should be a celebration of being alive.

Where: Via Della Pace48 East 7th Street at the corner with 2nd Avenue, in Manhattan, New York  (212) 253 5803

Go For: Fun atmosphere, really good food, great live music

We ate: Bistecca al tartufo, gnocchi with asparagus and shrimp, Lobster ravioli and Rigatoni alla Carbonara. 

Verdict: Go for sure!